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Palak Aloo Keema – Spinach Potato and Ground Beef

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I don’t want to confuse you here! Yes, there is a dish called Aloo keema, another called Palak Keema, and yes I’ve combined both in one dish, hence the title is Palak Aloo Keema. I never had this dish in any Indian or Pakistani restaurant but I’m sure that there are other smart housewives who did combine both dishes like me!

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Palak Aloo Keema is a dish full of flavor and you can see that from the list of dry spices mix in the ingredients below. The flavor comes from the ginger and garlic too, but I have added something that usually is not used in Indian cooking, but I found that it enhances the flavor big time, it’s celery.

Making Palak Aloo Keema.

You can always control the amount of heat by adding minced or chopped green chili, or just increase the amount of red chili used in this recipe. It is advised to serve yogurt with Indian dishes, it helps in reducing any uncomfortable feeling you may experience after having a spicy meal.

palak aloo keema 1

When making my Palak Aloo Keema, please do not reduce the amount of oil mentioned in the ingredients, you will get stronger and better tasting Palak Aloo Keema if you let the mixture get fried in oil properly.

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Vegetarian but want to try this dish, then I have another version for you and I think you will love it, Palak Paneer.

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  1. Look how interesting these Indian dishes in your post. I like that you’ve have used some ginger and garlic to enhance the flavours 🙂