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Almond Butter Sticks

almond butter sticks 3I can safely say that these Almond Butter Sticks are one of the best cookies I had in 2015. Thanks to Tricia from Saving Dessert.

almond butter sticks 5
When I first saw these cookies, I was mesmerized by how beautiful they looked, and wondered, if they looked this gorgeous then how delicious they would taste.

almond butter sticks 2
It was no surprise these cookies tasted amazing. These cookies are not only elegant, melt in your mouth, buttery, but addictive too. Now, I’m not going to share details but my family loved these cookies so much, I had to keep looking for the container that had them in different parts of the house (I’m not kidding)!

almond butter sticks 7
Big thanks to Tricia for making my family happy and for sharing a wonderful recipe with everyone.


Please pay Tricia’s blog a visit. She bakes magic!



  1. I loved these when I saw them on Tricia’s blog, now I’m really sold. They look amazing!

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  3. Is there a substitute I can use instead for the egg?

  4. These are so lovely! Look at the almonds! These butter sticks are delish!