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Punjabi Aloo Samosa Recipe

Punjabi Aloo Samosa Recipe is what I’ll share with you today.  Aloo samosa is one of the best samosas out there, Vegans and non-Vegans crave it, a flaky and crispy pastry, and although only oil is used to make the pastry dough, it tastes rich and buttery. Filled with boiled potato and a blend of warm spices, this is the perfect snack when paired with aromatic Indian tea. I have added step by step images and a video to show you how easy it is to make Punjabi Aloo Samosas!

Showing samosa in a paper bag.

What is aloo samosa?

Aloo samosa is an Indian Snack made of a dough that’s rolled out and then filled with a mixture of boiled potato and spices. You then seal the edges of the rolled-out dough and deep fry it. There are different versions of samosas out there, but if you want to stick to the vegan version and make it healthier then try my Baked aloo samosa. I’m sure you like it. Samosa is a popular snack in India but found its way to different countries around the world.

Close up image of crunchy aloo samosa.

What flour to use in making samosas?

All-purpose flour is perfect for making samosa dough. The samosas get the golden color and flaky and crispy texture from using all-purpose flour which is called “Maida” in India. You can use whole wheat flour to make the Punjabi aloo samosa, but the dough will get hard and not as crispy. Another option is to use half all-purpose flour and half whole wheat (Atta).

Can we add crushed spices in the samosa filling?

Of course! If you prefer to use crushed spices (The authentic Punjabi samosas have crushed spices.) then go ahead, it will not affect the flavor. I have used spices in a powder form because I’m not fond of the crunchy texture of the spices in my samosa filling. The spices you can crush are:

Cumin seeds.

Coriander seeds.

Fennel seeds.

Dry red chili adds heat to the samosa filling, but you can omit it.

Images showing how easy to make samosa.
Images showing simple steps to make aloo samosa.

What is the resting time for the samosa dough?

It is important to allow the dough to rest after kneading. 20 to 30 minutes of resting time will form the gluten in the dough, make it softer, and easier to roll out.

Can I freeze the samosa dough?

After kneading the dough, wrap it in a plastic wrap and then place in an airtight container or a sealable freezer bag and freeze for up to 2 months.

Can I freeze the samosas?

After stuffing and sealing the samosas, place them on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper. Cover with plastic wrap and place the pan in the freezer. When the samosas are hard, place them in a sealable freezer bag, the frozen samosas stay fresh in the freezer for up to 2 months. Don’t forget to write the date on the freezer bag!

How to fry frozen Aloo samosa?

Place the frozen samosa on the countertop for 30 minutes, or until it thaws completely, you can also place them in the fridge to thaw overnight. When thawed follow the recipe below for frying the samosa.

Showing the filling of aloo samosa.

Are these samosas vegan or vegetarian?

The recipe in this post is for Vegan samosa because I’m not using ghee in the dough or in frying. Instead, I have used sunflower oil, and you can use any unflavored oil too.

Ghee adds amazing flavor and makes the samosas super flaky, people in Punjab, well in India, prefer using ghee in their cooking and frying.

Can I bake the samosas?

I do have a baked samosa recipe on my blog, and it was a hit, it’s been there for years, and my readers enjoyed it. But comparing a baked samosa with fried one, the fried samosa will always win in my book! I haven’t met an Indian who appreciate the baked version, but I did experiment mainly for those who are watching their calories.

How to make a samosa sandwich?

Are you surprised? Don’t be, samosa sandwich exists, and it fills you up for hours.  You can easily spot it while walking in Mumbai streets. To make the samosa sandwich:

  1. Cut the bread roll in half just like when making a sandwich or use to slices of sandwich bread.
  2. Spread the green or red chutney over the bread.
  3. Crush the samosa and place it over one side of the bread on top of the chutney spread.
  4. On top of the samosa, you can add slices of onion, cucumber, bell pepper, or tomato.
  5. Cover with another slice of bread.
  6. Grease a pan with oil or ghee and toast both side of the sandwich.
Close up image of freshly made samosa.
Vegan samosa with Indian tea.

What changes in a samosa recipe?

The samosa dough changes, in this recipe you get to learn how to make Punjabi samosa dough, but you can find samosas wrapped in a thin wrap. The filling of the samosa recipe changes, you can find chicken samosa, beef or mutton samosa, vegetable samosa, and some samosas filling is a mixture of fried and crushed samosa dough and caramelized onion.

How to serve crunchy aloo samosas?

Samosas can go well with ketchup, but if you want to go all the way Indian style then serve it with chutney, green or red. Raita is in an Indian salad made of yogurt, cucumber, and sliced onions. But no matter what sauce you dip the samosa in, a delicious cup of a strong Indian tea (Karak chai) should accompany this amazing crunchy snack.

Aloo samosa (Potato samosa). Learn how to make crispy and flaky samosa by watching the video in the post and the step by step images. This is a vegan version but amazingly delicious, I never compromise when it come to flavor. #samosa #aloosamosa #veganrecipe #indianfood #indiansnack

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  1. They look very flaky and yummy!

  2. We love somasa over here, I love that yours are vegan. They look awesome.

  3. HI, my samosas fail to come out crunchy, i have access only to cake flour in my area.
    i am wondering to mix half bread flour with cake flour to increase the gluten count.
    Any thoughts on this.
    Thanks so much for all the lovely recipes and photos.
    Are your photos for sale?

    • Arinacooking

      Hi, you can try mixing cake flour with bread flour make it half each, I’m not sure if the outcome will be as good as working with all purpose flour, but I think it will be crunchy. My photos are not for sale.

  4. Madeline

    There’s no steps for making the filling. I assume I mix it together? Does anything need to be heated up?

    • Arinacooking

      Hi Madeline, Thank you so much for pointing this out, hiccups like this take place when I update WordPress. I have added the steps for making the filling and I hope you try this recipe again.

  5. It is utterly delectable! Easy too! Thanks for sharing ❤️