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Angel Food Cake Recipe

A wonderful Angel Food Cake recipe that will never fail you. This cake rises beautifully and is airy and fluffy. If you store the cake in the refrigerator, it stays moist and flavorful for up to 5 days. Follow the recipe and the video to achieve a fail-proof angel food cake. This cake is easy to make, but you have to pay attention to the method mentioned in the instructions below!

Close up image of angel food cake served on a plate.

What is Angel Food Cake?

A white and light cake, it has tender crumbs inside, and you won’t find egg yolks, butter, oil, or milk in this recipe. This cake is much lighter than my Devilish Chocolate Cake. Angel food cake has egg whites, sugar, and flour.

It is important to follow the recipe and tips mentioned. There is no baking powder used to help the cake rise, we depend on egg whites that we have beaten until it reaches a stiff peak, and we also depend on the method of folding the flour with the egg whites while maintaining the volume of the beaten egg whites.

A slice of angel food cake showing tender crumbs.

How to serve the angel cake?

Usually, angel food cake is used to make shortcakes, and you can serve it with whipped cream, fruits, or you can enjoy it with a chilled glass of milk.

You didn’t use cream of tartar!

I don’t use cream of tartar in my recipes. I have nothing against the cream of tartar, but instead, I depend on properly beating the egg whites to reach the stiff peak and from my experience once you master that and master the right way of folding the batter with the egg whites you will never need cream of tartar.

When you reach a stiff peak, stop beating the egg whites.

Angel food cake decorated with fresh fruit.

Not greasing the baking pan

Angel food cake rises because of the egg whites, and the ungreased baking pan will allow the cake to continue rising. The batter sticks to the edges of the baking pan and rises; If greased, the batter will rise and then drop. Use the angel food cake pan; it is easier when releasing the cake.

What to do with the egg yolks?

You can use the egg yolks in making my delicious Crème Brulee, and if you love cake, then use the yolks in making my Yellow Cake

A slice of angel food cake with cream on the side.

Can we store Angel Food Cake?

Yes, of course! Wrap the cake in a plastic wrap and place in an airtight container. Refrigerate the angel food cake for up to five days. The cake will stay moist and maintain its flavor.

Angel food cake ingredients

Egg whites: When you separate the whites from the yolk, make sure not a drop from the yolk finds its way to the whites. Otherwise, the egg whites will not reach a stiff peak.

Fine sugar: Use fine sugar because it will mix in the batter quickly and will dissolve properly when baking the cake. In the notes below, I have explained how to turn granulated sugar to fine.

Cake flour: Since this cake is delicate and airy, it is best to use cake flour instead of a heavier flour like all-purpose flour. In the notes, I have explained how to make cake flour from mixing all-purpose flour with cornstarch.

Salt: Adding salt to dessert balances the sweetness and enhances the flavor.

Vanilla: I have used vanilla extract to add vanilla flavor to the cake, but you can use lemon extract or orange extract.

Side image of angel food cake.
Angel food cake, a fail proof recipe. A light fluffy cake without butter, oil, or milk. This cake is amazing with cream or used in making shortcake. #angelfoodcake #cake

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