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Apple Cider Recipe Made From Scratch

Apple Cider Recipe – My house smelled heavenly while I was cooking apple cider. The blend of spices combined with the aroma of orange and lime alone can make you feel good. I love making apple cider from scratch and if you follow my recipe you’ll know why! 

Close up shot of Apple Cider drink.

I have nothing against store-bought apple cider, but I like to have control over the flavor of the food and drinks I consume, therefore, I will mostly go for homemade apple cider. 

I can add the spices I love and as much as I want. I can also control the amount of sugar used.

Apple Cider drink with a stick of cinnamon.

Making Apple Cider

When it comes to picking apples to make the cider, I go for the red apples but I mix them with few green apples. The red apples are sweet and have great flavor, so when cooking red apples, you get a lot of its taste in your cider despite the addition of orange and spices.

That is my preference but of course, you can use any type of apple available in your house.

Side shot of Apple Cider served in a chilled glass.

Some like to have apple cider while hot, but I love it chilled and with a lot of ice. Usually, I’d make the cider and leave it in the fridge for a day or at least few hours, this allows the flavors to come to gather, so I usually have it the next day.

Many prefer to make apple cider in slow cooker. My version is a stove top recipe. I need to strengthen my relationship with my slow cooker, the poor thing been on the shelf for a long time!

Slices of lime in Apple Cider drink.

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Apple Cider. Made from scratch and can be enjoyed hot or chilled, cooked on stove top with blend of warm earthy spices. This apple cider is flavored with orange and lime. Homemade apple cider is always the best tasting version. letscookingmam.com | @Arinacooking