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Baked Chicken Empanadas EMPANADAS DE POLLO

Chicken empanadas are heavenly mini chicken pies. The dough is made of flour, butter, egg, and water. The filling is made of juicy and perfectly seasoned ground chicken and will make you ask for more empanadas. Both the dough and the filling are easy to make and hardly take 20 minutes to prepare. For the beef, please try my Beef Empanadas recipe.

chicken empanadas served in a basket.

How to make empanadas dough

Most pie crusts and doughs are easy to make, and empanada dough is no different. You can use a food processor here, but I always use my hands in making dough. I like using my hands because I can easily tell if I added more water if the dough is dry, and when should I stop kneading.

In a mixing bowl, add the flour and the rest of dry ingredients and mix well, and then add the butter and rub the ingredients between your fingers. This step is important, and you shouldn’t skip it even if you are using a food processor. Rubbing the butter with the flour brings out the buttery flavor and flaky texture.

Add the rest of the ingredients and when adding the water make sure to add it gradually because different brands of flour take a different amount of water.

The kneading shouldn’t take more than a few minutes; you are looking for the dough to come together and not to create gluten.

Cover the dough and refrigerate for a minimum of 40 minutes. This step is important too, it helps the dough to rest, and it rolls out better.

empanadas served with red sweet sauce on the side.

Empanadas filling

You can use any filling you prefer you can even use sweet fillings like apples and dry fruits; the dough tastes good with any filling you choose. But for today we are sticking to chicken, and although I would love for you to try my fillings and then decide if you like it or want to add changes to it, you can fill the empanadas with any chicken filling you like.

Four large empanadas filled with chicken.

How to store chicken empanadas

You can make these goodies ahead of time. Fill the dough with the filling and seal it, then place the empanadas on a baking sheet and place it in the freezer for an hour or until rock hard. Remove the empanadas from the baking sheet and place it in a Ziplock bag. Freeze for up to three months. Keep in mind that the chicken empanadas will need a few more minutes to bake.

You don’t have to thaw the empanadas. Take the empanadas out of the freezer, place them on a baking sheet and brush them with egg wash. Bake them the same way you bake freshly made empanadas.

chicken empanadas cut in half showing the filling.
Close up image of chicken empanadas showing the filling.

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