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Banana Avocado Chocolate Popsicle

Banana Avocado Chocolate popsicle 1

I scream Ice Cream! Summer is leaving us soon and the best way (in my opinion) to say goodbye is with these creamy, delicious, and refreshing Banana Avocado Chocolate Popsicle.

Banana and avocado shake is my all-time favorite, in fact, at times I drink this shake as a meal supplement since it is filling and healthy, hence the idea of Banana Avocado Chocolate Popsicle.

Homemade Banana Avocado Chocolate Popsicle.

Banana Avocado Chocolate popsicle 2
When making banana avocado chocolate popsicle make sure to pour a smaller amount in your popsicle molds. Avocado is known for
being creamy, on the heavy side, and so is the banana. Of course adding heavy cream made the popsicle richer.

Banana Avocado Chocolate popsicles 3

It’s best to use small to medium size molds for this recipe. I promise that you will enjoy the taste but not only that, these popsicles do not melt quickly, so there will be less mess.

Hope you give it a try!


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  1. Creamy and delicious! They are a perfect summer cooler.