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Beef Beans Lemon Rice

Beef Beans Lemon Rice

You can consider it a main meal, or an appetizer, in both ways this Beef Beans Lemon Rice will for sure satisfy you.

I happened to make this dish by accident, what I wanted to make is ground beef with green peas. You must be thinking, these are two different dishes! You are right, but while cooking I discovered I had no green peas, and there was an open can of beans, so I thought, well, let me improvise.


Beef Beans Lemon Rice.

We had it as a main meal (my family had no other choice), but I do think that it will be a great appetizer, if served in small portion.

Beef Beans Lemon Rice

Converting Beef Beans Lemon Rice to vegetarian or vegan dish is simple, omit the beef and you will have a light and delicious version, and you can add more vegetables if you wish.

Beef Beans Lemon Rice

, and if you happen to make any of my recipes, please post the picture and mention me in your post, or use this hash tag #Arinacooking. I would love to see your creation.

As for my recipe, here you go!



  1. This is exactly how fabulous new recipes are developed! I’d be happy to eat this for my lunch or dinner 🙂

  2. It looks like a perfect weekend meal! I love natural gluten free dishes like this.

  3. Hi Muna,

    Thanks for sharing such a lovely recipe. I’m sure this beans lemon rice is a versatile and delicious dish for all seasons.


  4. Hey Muna, it’s so good to hear from you after such a long while. Thanks for popping by & love your new layout! Looks quite different from the last time I visited. Very nice combination ingredients & I’m sure this is such a yummy treat for the family. Looking fwd to sharing more delicious food with you! xoxo

    • Arinacooking

      It’s my pleasure Shirley 🙂 … I’m so happy to have found your blog again, yes it’s been long time but I hope that we stay in touch frequently now 🙂

  5. Just by looking at the recipe, I am already satisfied. How much more if I eat it, right? And I guess I found the perfect meal to serve for the weekend. Thanks!

    • Arinacooking

      You make food look good Nagi, I wish I can see how this dish will look like after you make it, must be super yummy 🙂

  6. This looks so tasty! I might even make it this weekend!

  7. I visited your blog for the first time today and I’m loving it a lot! Beautiful picts and interesting recipes! This here is perfect for the #SeminiAmo project, if you like to join the project and share your link also to my readers I’ll be very glad! Just contact me and I’ll give you the link to my blog’s page where you can find all the infos about the project! 🙂
    Greetings from Tuscany, Simona! 🙂

  8. That sounds fantastic. Definitely something that my whole family will love.