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Beef Burger Pizza Recipe

beef burger pizza 2
Yes, I’m posting pizza recipe AGAIN! I’ve expressed many times before how much we love pizza and I didn’t lie, I asked hubby dearest what he wants for lunch and it took him a second to answer (Pizza). I’m not going to act as if I didn’t want pizza too, but this time, I thought of making Beef Burger Pizza.

beef burger pizza 4

Making Beef Burger Pizza

I have mentioned in my recent post Chicken Tikka Pizza, that to me pizza is like an open sandwich. This recipe is when you want your carbs and protein badly.

beef burger pizza 3

This beef burger pizza is a combination of juicy and properly seasoned beef burger and a tender, flavorful, chewy crust.

If you want to skip the pizza part and just make the burger, you are in for a pleasant surprise. You cannot go wrong when making these burger patties. Although I shallow fried them on the stovetop, you can grill the burgers for extra explosive flavor.

beef burger pizza 5

The pizza crust is the same one I used in BBQ Chicken Pizza and Chicken Tikka Pizza, it is my favorite recipe and so far, I didn’t find any pizza dough that can beat its flavor or texture.

beef burger pizza 7

I hope you like my new craze!

, and if you happen to make any of my recipes, please post the picture and mention me in your post, or use this hashtag #Arinacooking. I would love to see your creation.

beef burger pizza 1

As for my recipe, here you go!


  1. I love thin pizza crust..this looks way too tempting with all the melted cheese atop.

    • Arinacooking

      It tasted so good Angie and I remembered you while writing the post for some reason 🙂

  2. This looks amazing and soo delicious! Love the combination of beef burger and pizza! You totally have me craving this right now!

  3. Oh my! I am so in love with this! Burger and pizza together! Nothing can beat that! It is so tempting! I’m sure it’s flavorful and delicious!

  4. Adding MEAT to a pizza is a TOTAL MUST for me. I actually love making MEAT CRUST pizza – you know, to get EVEN MORE meat! 😉

  5. I can’t wait to try this! I prefer beef to sausage on my pizza, so this is perfect for me!

  6. That looks really good. I love homemade pizza, especially when it’s a bit on the rustic side like this one is.

  7. I LOVE pizza and burgers. This beef burger pizza looks right up my alley. I will have to give it a try sometime.

  8. I love the generousity of cheese on that pizza. Good thing there are bits of veggies to go with that meat.

  9. I need new recipes and this is perfect. Thank you my kids will love it.

  10. Pizzas are our favourite, though being a vegetarian we have very few options but none the less we enjoy it 😊

  11. Burger on a pizza? Wow. That absolutely looks delicious and satisfying!

  12. Nnnniiiiccceeeee….this must be a nice one! I would love to make myself one.

  13. sounds like a fun combination of two favorites – burgers and pizza. i wonder how much different the pizza is from say a meatball pizza or sausage pizza.

  14. This looks yummy! I love the creativity with pizza. I also love pizza! Way to jazz up a classic meal!

  15. This looks perfect! It has meat and veggies, works for our whole house!

  16. I love Beef Burger Pizza! I just baked one last weekend. I’ll try your recipe also.

  17. Wow This is so delicious pizza and I can’t wait to try this for snack I will save this post! Thanks to this.

  18. katrina Kroeplin

    yes, yes and yes. i def have to make this. it looks amazing!!!!