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Beer Can Chicken with a Twist

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It is BBQ time! Today we are BBQing Beer Can Chicken and we are adding a twist to the whole recipe. The weather is beautiful and it’s calling us to come out and enjoy its fresh air, warm sun light, and clear sky.

beer chicken grilling method 2

BBQing is essential to me and hubby, we plan a week ahead on what we are going to BBQ and where, what we’re going to carry with us, and how long the whole trip should take.

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Beer Can Chicken Tools

I have received Cave Tools Beer Can Chicken Roasting Rack & Vegetable Spikes. I never used a beer can to roast a chicken on a grill and was excited to see how the chicken will come out.

My husband wasn’t as excited and was wondering if it was a good idea. I know what’s going on! The thought of a chicken sitting on a can was kind of strange to him. He also wasn’t sure if this method will cook the chicken evenly.

I marinated the chicken overnight, and next day we packed everything including Cave tool’s Barbecue Spatula with Bottle Opener, I wrote about this tool and attached a recipe in the review which you can find here.

beer chicken grilling method 7

After setting up everything, guess who wanted to place the chicken over the beer can? You guessed it, my husband grabbed the chicken and in a very professional way placed the chicken over the beer can. Suddenly, my hubby was so excited to try this new tool. The chicken sat nicely on the can, and we used the vegetable spikes to grill the corn and the sweet potato.

beer chicken grilling method 8

The Beer Can Chicken Recipe

The vegetables cooked faster than the chicken, so we had them as a starter. The corn and the sweet potato were so delicious, we ate all of it before I remember to take some clicks! I filled the beer can with chicken stock for extra flavor and that was the twist.

The BBQ was a hit and the chicken was evenly cooked, juicy and tender from the inside with golden crispy skin outside.

You can buy this set here and use this code: BEERCAN15 to get 15% discount.

This post is sponsored by Cave Tools. The opinion is all mine.