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Blueberry Waffles Recipe

blueberry waffles 2
This morning was slow and lazy! I didn’t want to leave my bed. My eight hours of sleep were fully consumed but I wanted three more hours, it’s insane! I rarely feel this way and it was a pain to get out of this mood, but I had a plan to make and freeze some Blueberry Waffles, therefore I pulled myself out of bed!

blueberry waffles 3

Making Blueberry Waffles

As you know, I like to plan my day, I feel in control and planning helps in increasing my productivity. Today, other than making these fluffy, sweet, and delicious waffles, I got nothing else to do.

Oh yes, it is my break day!

blueberry waffles 4

Do you have a break day? A day when you do nothing except watch your favorite program, or maybe go out for a walk, or for a movie? A day to focus on yourself and hit the pause button? No chores, no editing, and no stress!

Take a break and enjoy some waffles!

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