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Braided Sweet Milk Bread Recipe

Braided Sweet Milk Bread 7
I’m so excited to share this Braided Sweet Milk Bread recipe with you, it is light, fluffy, scrumptious, and can be used in making bread pudding and French toast. It might be tricky when kneading it but in this post, I will tell you exactly what to do.

Braided Sweet Milk Bread 3

Although this Braided Sweet Milk Bread looks beautiful and tastes great, but the kneading part might make you doubt the measurement of the ingredients. After mixing all the ingredients together you’ll find that the dough is very sticky. That’s normal.

Braided Sweet Milk Bread 5

Tips on Making Braided Sweet Milk Bread.

You will have the urge to add more flour but please don’t, the bread will turn out dry and heavy. I will teach you a technique that will make kneading this dough not only fun but therapeutic!

Braided Sweet Milk Bread 4

First of all, you have to make sure that the egg is at room temperature, we are going to use warm milk to bring the yeast back to life, adding a cold egg to the mixture will make the dough rising time longer.

Braided Sweet Milk Bread 1

After mixing the ingredients, you’ll have a wet dough, please do not add more flour to the dough at this point. It will be easier if you have a stand mixer but in case you don’t, then knead the dough as you normally do, make sure to clean your hands from parts of the dough that are stuck between your fingers and palm.

Braided Sweet Milk Bread 6

After a minute and a half you will be able to see that the texture of the dough is getting firmer, now all you have to do is pick the dough and slam it on your working surface (this is the therapeutic part), do this for two minutes and the dough will come together and get firmer.

The Braided Sweet Milk Bread dough will stay sticky a little, but at this point, it will have a smooth surface and fine texture. Place the dough in an oiled bowl, cover and let it double in size, will take one hour and twenty minutes.

Braided Sweet Milk Bread 8

The next step is when you shape the dough into braids, it’s the fun part, it’s when you see that your hard work is turning into a beautiful braid, but the best part is when you take the loaves out of the oven and be mesmerized by how stunning it looks.

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  1. o…that’s bakery perfect, Muna.

  2. I love braided breads!! This one is a beauty!!!

    • Arinacooking

      Thanks Liz, it was so light almost melts in your mouth!

      • 1.Any substitute for egg?
        2.if using instant dry yeast, what would the qyt.

        • Arinacooking

          Hi Vandana! This is a rich bread if you add more milk and omit the egg the texture will be a little different. However, you can omit the egg and add more water or milk.
          The yeast measurement should stay the same despite the type of yeast you are using. Hope this was helpful 🙂

  3. Braided bread! This is perfect, Muna. And thanks for the tips again! It really helps a lot!

  4. I love making bread! In fact, I just finished making a batch of dinner rolls for tonight. Yum! I love the look of this bread, and I can’t wait to try it out soon. 🙂

    • Arinacooking

      Wow! That will be an honor 🙂 if you ever give this recipe a try, please let me know.