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Breakfast Energy Smoothie

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This morning was like many mornings I experienced before, I wanted to have breakfast of course, but the thought of washing dishes was putting me off, what to do? Should I just make a sandwich? What I wanted was oatmeal, slices of bananas on the side, and a cold glass of milk. After staring at the stove for a while, I thought “Smoothie”. Breakfast Energy Smoothie was perfect.

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The blender was on the kitchen counter in no time, I remembered how delicious was the Breakfast Energy Smoothie, and was excited to make it, but suddenly I remembered, I remembered YOU!

Yes, you, I wanted to share this recipe with you. I usually grab the ingredients, dump it in the blender, and I’m done, but since I wanted you to try it too, I had to measure everything, to make sure that your smoothie tastes exactly like mine. It was a pleasure doing this for you.

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Get ready! You are going to make a large glass of smoothie and you will love it, I promise. I used all the ingredients that were good for your heart and brain, well, it was morning and I needed something to wake me up and help me focus. Today was a little warmish and after adding few ice cubes the smoothie turned into a refreshing potion.  

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To sweeten breakfast energy smoothie, I used raw sugar but you can use honey or your favorite sweetener. Try to use ripe bananas, I mean the ones with light dark spots, they are much sweeter, this will reduce your use of sugar.


, and if you happen to make any of my recipes, please post the picture and mention me in your post, or use this hashtag #Arinacooking. I would love to see your creation.

As for my recipe, here you go!



    • Arinacooking

      It is, I actually thought of you while posting it 🙂 I thought you’ll be proud of me since you are into healthy cooking!

  1. Breakfast energy smoothie. Yum. Sounds good and easy to make 🙂

  2. Khadeeja

    i haven’t tried it yet but it sounds delicious
    i will be trying it for breakfast