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Buttery Lime Rice Recipe

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And after taking some time off from blogging, I bring you buttery Lime Rice. I know, you must be wondering where was I! Well, I was going through a rough time trying my best to support my in-laws since they suffered a great loss.

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To be honest, I didn’t feel like posting anything yet but I guess I had to start posting again sooner or later. The dish I’m sharing today is so simple to make and is perfect as a side dish with your gravy dishes or even on its own.

buttery-lime-rice 5

The flavor of lime in this Buttery Lime Rice is mild to balanced. Let me say it now to all my Indian readers, this is not the Indian version of lemon rice, so don’t be surprised when you read the recipe.

buttery-lime-rice 4

Making Buttery Lime Rice.

I have added turmeric because I wanted to brighten the color of my buttery lime rice and make it more interesting than plain white. You can serve this rice with baked chicken or even steak.

buttery-lime-rice 3

I’ll keep this post to here and reserve my energy to make more dishes to catch up with the time spent away from my blog. There are many dishes to make, many pictures to be taken, and many hours to spend on writing posts.


Enjoy cooking!


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  1. Must be very flavourful and delicious with butter and all the spices.

  2. Marjorie Perkins

    First I’d like to send strengthening prayers to you and your whole family. Your beautiful recipes always bring a touch of joy and anticipation with the wonderful pictures I can almost smell the aroma coming from them. I wish you all well.


  3. We used this as a side for pork chops seasoned with lime kaffir chili rub. It was delicious! We used a bit less onion—what we had on hand.