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Carrot Salad Flavorful Easy Recipe

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I thought it will be fun to end the Color Orange theme with a healthy dish that is orange in color and full of flavor, this carrot salad is going to be your favorite. Pack some and take it to work with you, keep it in a cold place and enjoy every bite.

carrot salad 4

In my book, you can’t mix vegetables with fruit especially in salads, this the reason why although I am a foodie and should taste different types of food to be inspired, I still couldn’t force myself to try Orange, tomato, and onion salad yet!

carrot salad 5

I gave this carrot salad a try and actually modify it to my liking since carrot is sweet, so is apples, and I thought it won’t be a shock to my taste buds. This salad was introduced to me in the USA. The version I am used to had no mayo nor apple but other vegetables like tomatoes and onion.

Making a Delicious Carrot Salad.

In this recipe, I have soaked the raisins in hot water to give a better texture to the salad. I like the soaking method. The raisins are ready when I’m done chopping the other ingredients.

carrot salad 6

This carrot salad is best served cold and the apples that go well with it are the green apples, so do give this salad a try and let me know what you think. If you liked this carrot salad, please share it and if you ever made it then I’m on tag me or mention me, I would love to see your work!

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  1. My kind of food, Muna. We eat lots of carrot salads, but never tried it with mayonnaise. Yours looks really great paired with raisins.