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Cashew Chicken Recipe

Cashew chicken is my number one takeout dish, but when at home the flavor is even better. I enjoy cooking Chinese dishes, not only for the amazing taste but for the little time it takes to cook. Below is the quick cashew chicken recipe.

Freekeh with Fish

Many have asked me to make freekeh and make it light too. My Freekeh with Chicken is one of the popular posts on my blog, so I thought why not make a lighter version of it and share Freekeh with Fish?

Chicken Fried Rice

Fried rice is a great side dish and is served with meals with gravy, I love having it with Chicken Manchurian, and sweet and sour dishes. However, this chicken fried rice recipe is a complete meal on its own.

Mallur Chicken 3

Mallur Chicken

I get no credit for this recipe of Mallur Chicken. It was given to me by Chef Damodaran. He is an Indian Chef who also happened to be in Guinness World Records.

Spicy Beef Kebab + [Giveaway Closed]

Why Spicy Beef Kebab?! I can’t tell you how many versions of Kebabs, I have tried in my entire life.  The Iranian versions, Arabic, and of course countless Indian versions. Since I mentioned that I have to say that I’ve enjoyed all of them so far. Today I’m sharing an […]

Moroccan Meatballs

As much as I like to travel, I know I can’t fly to every place I want. My kitchen is my lab and at times I look at it as an airport, from where I travel using my stove, food, and recipes. Every time I discover a new recipe from […]

Deviled Chicken

Deviled Chicken and Jericho Road

As a foodie, one quick look at the ingredient list and I can make out how the dish will taste or look, but this recipe of Deviled Chicken surprised me. I’ve never had a baked chicken dish smelling this good. The ingredients are simple and preparing this recipe hardly took […]

Freekeh with Chicken

Freekeh with chicken. Let me tell you a strange fact about me. I cook different dishes, come up with few of my own at times, and collect cookbooks, yet when it comes to daily cooking, I find myself stuck on making those same 5 or 6 dishes again, and again. […]