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Chicken and Dumplings Recipe

Chicken and Dumplings is (in my opinion) the quickest version for chicken pot pie. A creamy and flavorful chicken soup topped with buttery, flaky, and perfectly baked biscuits, this is a perfect dinner idea, and just like all the recipes I share on my blog, this chicken dumplings recipe is easy to follow and quick to prepare.

chicken and dumplings close up image.


The chicken and dumplings recipe varies depending on what vegetables available in your kitchen and what spice you are comfortable using. I like Italian seasoning, but you might want to use thyme, or oregano instead. I don’t see how anyone can mess up this recipe!

How to Make Chicken and Dumplings?

I have used chicken thighs and legs, but you can always use chicken breast. To avoid overcooking the chicken breast, instead of adding the chicken to the onion after it’s sautéed, fry the chicken breast first in a hot pan to sear the juices, remove it from the pan and then add the onion and sauté.

chicken and dumplings fresh out of the oven.

If you want to use chicken broth or stock instead of chicken bouillon, then replace the amount of water used with the stock. Always careful when adding salt to dishes that contain chicken bouillon or chicken stock, you might end up with a salty soup that won’t be edible.

spice mix for chicken and dumplings

butter and olive oil in a pan.

chicken over fried onion.

mixed spices over the chicken.

vegetables cooked with chicken and spices.

flour added to the pan.

water added to the flour and chicken

cooking the chicken soup

adding milk to chicken soup

What Vegetables to Use in Chicken and Dumplings?

When it comes to vegetables, be creative an add the vegetables you and your family enjoy eating. The flavor in this dish doesn’t come from the vegetables, the flavor comes from the spices and chicken, but I will stay away from using potatoes since it has a lot of starch that can make the soup thicker.

chicken and dumplings served in a bowl.

Store Bought Biscuit Dough vs. Homemade Biscuits

For convenience, store-bought biscuit dough can be used, but take it from me; nothing beat the flavor of homemade biscuits.
The biscuit recipe I share in this post will make you forget about ever buying store bought biscuit dough or add it to your chicken and dumplings.

Making delicious homemade biscuits.

milk added to biscuit dough.

ready to form the biscuits.

baking the chicken and dumplings with biscuits.

Let’s make dinner!

overhead shot of chicken and dumplings bowl.

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