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Flavorful Chicken Fajitas Recipe

Homemade chicken fajitas are hands down the best! The chicken Fajita marinade leaves the chicken tender and flavorful. After marinating the chicken, grill it on a very hot skillet or even over a grill to sear all the juices and get a beautiful grill mark!

This chicken fajita recipe will not take much time to prepare except when marinating the chicken. The fajitas are best served with flour tortillas or Mexican rice, along with colorful and crunchy vegetables like green, red, orange peppers, and onion.

Chicken fajitas served on a white serving plate.

Awesome Chicken Fajitas

If you love Mexican food you must have tasted chicken fajitas, it is a delicious dish, and there are many fajitas seasoning out there in the stores which we often use. But if you spend time to create a seasoning for the marinade that suits your taste, you will be surprised. In many recipes’ garlic is added to the chicken fajita marinade, but instead, I have added the garlic while cooking the vegetables since the marinade has a lot of flavors and I wanted to spice up the vegetables.

Close up image of chicken fajitas.

Chicken fajita marinade

I have marinated the chicken for three hours in the fridge, but you can marinate it for an hour if you don’t have much time. To make the marinade I have used:

Cumin powder
Black pepper powder
Lime or lemon juice
Salt to taste
Olive oil

Make this recipe yours and add more spices if you wish. Cilantro will bring a deep earthy flavor; chili powder is another spice you should consider adding to the chicken fajita marinade.

Tender chicken fajitas mixed with colorful peppers.

How to make chicken fajitas?

Nothing is easier than making chicken fajitas! Marinade the chicken for a few hours or an hour. Grill the chicken on high flame to sear it and keep it tender and juicy. Season and sauté the vegetables for a few minutes and then mix the vegetables with the chicken. Serve the fajitas on tortillas or with Mexican rice, and top with Guacamole.

Can I use chicken breast in chicken fajitas?

I like using thighs because it stays tender, unlike the chicken breast where you have to be super careful not to overcook it and ruin the fajitas. You can achieve a good tasting chicken fajitas using breast, and to make sure that it cooks perfectly. I suggest that you use a cooking thermometer.

Chicken Fajitas photography.

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