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Chicken in Creamy Sauce

chicken gravy 2If you have been wondering why I don’t post often then you’ll be happy to know that I’m studying.

Yes, I can’t believe it too, but I became a good girl and now concentrating on my studies. Hopefully I’ll be done this June, after my final exams. Your positive thoughts and prayers are highly appreciated, since as many of you know, I HATE STUDYING

chicken gravy 1Every now and then I like to surprise my hubby with something new, and unexpected. But this time I wanted it to be simple yet elegant.

When you are a foodie and love to try and experiment with food like me, sometimes you forget what’s your family’s preferred dish and may not cook it often, since you are busy trying the new.

chicken gravy 3 My husband loves chicken with creamy sauce, and no matter how I make it he just can’t have enough. He likes it with grits, rice, bread, or mashed potato.

chicken gravy 4 The chicken and sauce recipe I’m sharing today, is very easy to make and you can tailor it to your liking by just changing the spices.




  1. I want to DRINK that sauce!

  2. I’d like to dip my roti pratha in that sauce….

  3. Yummy! Need to try this one!