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Chicken Karahi Recipe

Chicken Karahi is a Pakistani curry dish, and of course, there is an Indian version too. Today we will stick with the Pakistani chicken karahi recipe and teach you the art of impressing your guests big time. The dish doesn’t require special ingredients; you probably have everything in your kitchen already!

Chicken Karahi in a pan freshly cooked.

What is Chicken Karahi?

Chicken karahi and sometimes you’ll find it as Karahi Chicken, or in Urdu it’s called “Murgh karahi” it is translated into Chicken in a vessel. Karahi is either made of copper or stainless steel, Indians and Pakistanis use it for cooking and for serving food. Chicken karahi is chicken cooked in spicy and flavorful gravy or masala.

It’s perfect for weekends to save you time or a quick dinner for those times when you are surprised by a visit from your friends. Chicken karahi is best served with naan bread or with Pulka.

Side shot of Chicken Karahi sowing tender chicken in gravy.

How to Make Chicken Karahi?

Making chicken karahi starts by sauteeing onions in oil or Ghee, and then you add the chicken, the spices follow and then the rest of the ingredients. The steps are few, but you have to go for the next step after the first and on time, let me explain.

You can’t add the chicken to the onion before it turns light brown. You can’t cook the spices for more than a minute to prevent it from getting burned. Following the steps below will result in a delicious and mouth-watering Pakistani dish that you will crave for often.

Chicken karahi in a pan with two slices of lemon on the side.

What Part of the Chicken is Best for Making Chicken Karahi?

You can use any part of the chicken, in fact, chicken karahi is usually made by cutting a whole chicken. I like to use chicken thighs and legs; these parts are forgiving, they don’t get dry quickly if overcooked. Chicken thighs stay juicy for a long time and absorb flavors better than chicken breast.

If you have to use chicken breast, keep the slices big so it won’t get dry while cooking, also add more spices.

Chicken karahi a Pakistani recipe made of chicken and gravy.

Chicken Karahi Recipe. Tender chicken thighs in a delicious gravy made with onion, tomatoes, a blend of spices. Perfect dinner recipe.

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