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Chicken Do Pyaza Recipe

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10 days off is all I needed to start blogging again stress-free. I love blogging so much that I spend a lot of time working on my blog and forget that I do need a break. I have missed you guys and missed my blog and I guess the best way to start is with Chicken Do Pyaza recipe. An Indian dish that will blow your socks off!

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Chicken Do Pyaza or Murgh Do Pyaza means Chicken and two onions. There are many different stories about why this dish is given that name. Some say it’s because you use two large onions (Which is the case in today’s recipe.) some assume that two different types of onions are used.

Making Chicken Do Pyaza.

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People in different parts of India and Pakistan cook this dish differently. Now as a food blogger my main concern is the taste, and people can argue all they want about this dish, but one thing they will agree on is that Chicken
do pyaza is so delicious and pleasing.

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My readers deserve the best, so here it is, Chicken Do Pyaza made easy for you.


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  1. So delicious! Looks very flavourful and moreish, Muna.