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Chocolate Cake with Chocolate Frosting Recipe

There are many Chocolate Cake recipes on the internet and everyone claims to have the best chocolate cake recipe, and guess what? Most of those recipes are good. It’s rare occasions when one mess up a chocolate cake recipe.
Today’s cake is special to me! This chocolate cake was popular and was a super hit in the 70’s. I might have a soft corner for it because I was born in the 70’s too😊  

Chocolate cake slice served on a plate.


Hand Me Down is this cake’s name, it was featured in newspapers and cookbooks. Although it is considered a good birthday cake, in this post, I have converted it into a sheet cake. I baked the chocolate cake in a 9-inch square pan and baked it slow and low at 300F, my kitchen smelled heavenly.

Chocolate Cake Batter for Cupcake!

I don’t think this chocolate cake recipe is good for making cupcakes, the texture is fudgy and more like a brownie, but if you want to try making cupcakes from this batter, you will have to double the recipe to fill a 12-cupcake pan. This cake is every chocolate lover’s fix, and the frosting is like magic, read below to find out why!

Making 2 Ingredients Chocolate Frosting

The frosting is not just simple with only two ingredients, but take less time to prepare, and the result is a fluffy, light, and delicious chocolate frosting. The recipe is genius and unfortunately, I can’t take the credit for it. I saw this recipe on YouTube and couldn’t believe my eyes, hands down this is one of the best chocolate frostings I ever made, it’s like biting on a cloud!

Close up photo of chocolate cake slice.

Do not compromise the quality of the unsweetened cocoa you will use to make this recipe. Low-quality chocolate/ cocoa can give a bitter taste or a weak chocolate flavor. Don’t ruin this simple classic treat.

I have changed the ingredients a little, but it still tastes awesome. Try making this cake and let me know how you liked it!

Two slices of chocolate cake in plates.

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Let’s bake this classic chocolate cake!

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Chocolate cake recipe with fluffy to ingredient chocolate frosting. This moist fudge like cake can be used as a birthday and the kids will just love you for making it! #chocolatecake #chocolate #cake



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