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Chocolate Fudge Loaf Cake

chocolate fudge loaf cake 3
When one hears the word chocolate, he will think dark, balance, indulgence, beauty, and that is exactly what you will experience with this Chocolate Fudge Loaf Cake.

chocolate fudge loaf cake 1

The making of Chocolate Fudge Loaf Cake.

I wanted this chocolate loaf cake to be fudgy but without the bitterness of the chocolate. I wanted it to be moist and light at the same time. The ingredients I have chosen worked the magic.

chocolate fudge loaf cake 5

For any good chocolate cake or drink, you have to use the best quality Cocoa. Using good cocoa makes your drink or baked goods look, smell, and taste great. From the comments I have received in the past, I know that some people are still confused between baking cocoa and the lite version for drinks.

chocolate fudge loaf cake 6

The pouring of silky smooth chocolate glaze on this Chocolate Fudge Loaf Cake enhanced the flavor and the texture of this loaf cake. Making the glaze is so easy and you can control the thickness of the glaze to match your liking.  

chocolate fudge loaf cake 7

One last thing about this Chocolate Fudge Loaf Cake. While baking, this chocolate loaf cake will crack in the middle and the surface will be hard, but that is perfectly fine.

This Chocolate loaf needs to cool completely before adding the glaze.

chocolate fudge loaf cake 2

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As for the recipe, here you go!



  1. This is so beautiful with all the summer berries. And the smooth and fine texture of this loaf cake is bakery perfect, Muna.

  2. This cake is gorgeous Muna, both inside and out! I really just want to grab a spoon and go at that glaze!

  3. Yum! So chocolaty! Perfectly paired with berries! It looks great in every angle. My plate is ready to try this! 🙂

  4. which type of oil is used in the cake?

  5. This cake was deliciously chocolate-y and moist! I would definitely make this again.

  6. Can we leave out the chocolate chips?

    • Arinacooking

      Hi Noor, the chocolate chips make this cake more on the fudge side. You can omit it if you wish.

  7. Dolores Pap

    How does its texture/taste compare with your super wonderfully delicious marble cake?
    Your marble cake is a wonder, and I thought I’d use the base recipe and just add more cocoa and melted chips. Any thoughts?

    • Arinacooking

      This cake is amazing and if you love chocolate you’ll fall in love! It hardly lasts for two days in my house :). The texture is fudge-like with tender crumbs and heavenly chocolate flavor. I’m sure you’ll love it!

  8. Hi,
    Can this cake be baked in an 8 inch square tin?

    • Arinacooking

      Hi, Yes you can bake it in an 8-inch baking pan. It might take less time to bake though!