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Chocolate Swiss Roll

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Making chocolate swiss roll might be intimidating to some, of course, I am included. I always feared that I won’t roll the cake properly and it will end up looking like a hot mess. Today, however, I thought of giving this recipe a try and if I happened to mess it up, I’ll just use it in making a trifle.

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The chocolate swiss roll recipe I’m using in this post is actually from Kitchen Tigress. The cake turned out delicious and light, I made a smaller version and didn’t double the recipe like many who actually successfully made this chocolate swiss roll. The small version will be enough to serve four.

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If you are new to making swiss rolls and (like me) afraid to mess things up, then do not double this recipe. Go through the steps using the recipe below and I’m sure the fear of making swiss roll will depart for good.

Making Chocolate Swiss Roll

I didn’t follow the steps shown in the Kitchen Tigress blog and have added a little more cocoa to the recipe since I love my chocolate cake to be extra chocolaty. The frosting is out of this world, it’s fluffy, delicious, and oh so creamy, I am sure that you will just love it.


The frosting is light and easy to spread so it is perfect for frosting a whole cake or to decorate other desserts. The chocolate flavor in the frosting is balanced, so you won’t go into a chocolate coma when eating this chocolate swiss roll.

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Finally, I have used Dells Maraschino Cherries in the filling, the cherries are not too sweet and have a light crunch which gives this chocolate swiss roll a unique characteristic.   

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  1. I tried a roulade previously and it flopped miserably but it was delicious and nothing remained. Yours looks so perfect! Tempting me to make them sometime soon… Did you weigh all the ingredients and use them?

    • Arinacooking

      Hi Rafeeda, Thanks for the kind words :). Yes, I weighed all the ingredients, it was a pain because I’m used to cups and spoons!