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Classic Apple Pie Recipe

Classic Apple Pie Recipe – Oh yes! If I’m mad at you and you bake me this scrumptious apple pie, we will be good friends forever.

Apple pie recipe made from scratch.

I’m not sure why some make apple pie on special occasions only, it should be made when craved for. I admit that I have a huge sweet tooth and I’m in love with desserts made with fruits, but believe me, I have more than one reason to make this dessert often.

Out of the oven freshly baked apple pie.

Delicious Apple Pie Crust

The pie crust is just out of this world, it’s like having a buttery, flaky cookie that’s made with love, and then, of course, the apple pie filling. I usually use different types of apples when making classic apple pie recipe, and there is no particular reason for that, I just like the combination.

A slice is cut from an apple pie.

Do not use store bought pie crust when making this apple pie recipe, if you do, you will miss on soooo much and I’m not kidding. The pie crust and the filling together is like a match made in heaven.

This beside the fact that this homemade pie crust holds the juices from the apples very nicely and you won’t have a soggy pie.

Apple pie slice showing the apple pie filling.

Homemade classic apple pie can be served with your favorite ice cream, or whipped cream. I have mine with black coffee and I enjoy every bite. If you happened to make this apple pie let me know or tag me on Instagram.

Overhead shot of a classic apple pie.

This recipe is adapted from here with minor changes.

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Classic Apple Pie. We love a good apple pie, buttery flaky crust, delicious filling, and when you bake this classic apple pie you get all that and so much more. letscookingmam.com | @Arinacooking