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Coconut Macaroons Recipe with Almond Slices

Coconut Macaroons are my quick fix when I need something sweet and delicious. You will find different versions of coconut macaroons on the internet, not only that, but you will discover that each country has its unique coconut macaroons recipe.

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There are eight ingredients to mix here, and you won’t need a mixer for it. All the ingredients come together in no time. However I noticed that to have good tasting coconut macaroons and to be able to shape them easily, you need to cover and refrigerate the mixture for at least 30 minutes.  

I did include almond slices in this coconut macaroons recipe because I like the crunch, you can omit the almonds or replace it with another type of nuts, the macaroons will still look and taste good.

Although, this is a dessert made mainly from coconut, adding a dash of vanilla will enhance the flavor like it did in my Coconut Cake recipe.

How to make coconut macaroons?

I have used Rodelle’s alcohol-free vanilla flavor. I love the sweet aroma of the vanilla which reminded me of how a wedding cake would smell. A half teaspoon of vanilla is all you need for this recipe and believe me the combination of coconut and vanilla always wins.

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In case you only have sweetened shredded coconut then reduce the sugar to one tablespoon. Some brands add much sugar in their shredded coconut that you may not need to add sugar at all, but before you start with the recipe, it is a good idea to taste the shredded coconut.

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To get even shaped coconut macaroons, I have used a cookie scoop. It’s faster, cleaner, and will result in good looking coconut macaroons that will cook evenly.

We are going to bake these macaroons in low heat oven, but do keep an eye on them since every oven is different and burnt macaroons turn bitter! When the coconut macaroons are golden in color take them out of the oven, allow the macaroons to cool while in the baking sheet.

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Don’t touch the macaroons or try to remove them from the baking sheet while still hot; it will break. Leaving the coconut macaroons in the pan to cool will allow them to cook further and gain the perfect texture.

Now let’s make a sweet snack!

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Coconut Macaroons. Golden sweet delights that will vanish in no time. These beauties are ready in under 30 minutes. #macaroons #recipe #coconutrecipe #coconuts #dessert


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