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Coconut Water Fluffy Rice

This Post is sponsored by Epicurex, but the opinion expressed is mine!

coconut water rice 8I was thrilled when I received Cocozia Organic coconut water and was eager to try it.

I know how a fresh coconut water tastes, and I couldn’t wait to taste Cocozia. I’m very particular about coconut water, since it is one of my favorite drinks, and I do know that some commercially made out there are not the real deal and leave an after taste.

Cocozia is a pure coconut water and there is no doubt about it. One sip was enough for me to give it five stars.

coconut water rice 1coconut water rice 2coconut water rice 3 Use Cocozia to replace energy drinks, it has less sugar and is good for your digestive system, it improves your skin, can reduce blood pressure, and is a great aid in weight loss.

coconut water rice 7 Cocozia is cholesterol free, fat free, 100% vegan, has no artificial coloring or flavors, and you can actually include it in your cooking.

coconut water rice 5 I made coconut water rice. You will not taste the coconut in this recipe, but will have a fluffy, light white rice, and enjoy all the benefits of coconut water.

So let’s get started!






  1. The rice must have tasted amazing prepared with coconut water!

  2. hmm, this is really great idea’
    this post ashamed me, i’m Indonesian and never even thought to use coconut water for cooking rice before,
    totally worth to try!!!