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Cream of Mushroom Soup Recipe

Cream of mushroom soup is great for supper with toasted bread on the side. This mushroom soup is full of flavor, and you can prepare it within few minutes. You can use button mushrooms or your favorite mushroom in making this mushroom soup.

Cream of mushroom soup served in a bowl.

What is the cream of mushroom soup

Cream of mushroom soup comes in two versions. You can find recipes for cream of mushroom soup that ask you to puree the soup in a blender. In the version I’m sharing today, I use flour to thicken the soup because I like the texture of sliced and fried mushrooms in the soup.

You can puree the soup even after adding the flour if you enjoy creamy, rich mushroom soup.

Cream of mushroom soup served with toasted bread.

How to make homemade cream of mushroom soup

This mushroom soup is prepared in a few minutes, and there are no complicated steps here. In a pan, you will add olive oil and butter, and that’s because you want the flavor of both fats and want to prevent the butter from burning.

Adding the onion and garlic bring out more flavor from the mushrooms and gives a hint of sweetness to the soup.

Cooking the mushroom until tender is a must because you are giving the mushroom time to take in the flavor from the onion and garlic and other spices.

The flour is added to thicken the soup, and then I have added chicken bouillon and cold water, but you can use chicken stock or vegetable stock instead. In the end, we will add milk or cream.

Close up image of mushroom soup.

What mushrooms to use in the soup

I have used button mushrooms, but you can use your favorite mushroom instead. You can use a blend of different types of mushrooms to make this soup.

How to thicken the cream of mushroom soup

I like to use flour to thicken the soup because when you heat the soup you don’t lose the texture, but you can use cornflour to thicken this soup or even potato starch.

Another way to thicken the soup is by purring half of the soup.

Cream of mushroom soup in a white soup bowl.
Close up shot of mushroom soup.

How to serve the cream of mushroom soup

You can have the soup on its own, but you can serve it with French bread on the side or with some crackers.

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Homemade cream of mushroom soup. so creamy and full of flavor. No need to buy a canned soup again. Enjoy it with toasted bread. #creamofmushroom #mushroomsoup #souprecipes #soup

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