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Creamy Chicken Alfredo Recipe

Sharing a Chicken Alfredo recipe today; it takes less time to prepare and is ready in under 30 minutes! The alfredo sauce is creamy and full of flavor; it is to die for. The chicken is tender although I have used chicken breast but, in the recipe, I will show you how to keep the chicken breast juicy. (Watch the video below).

Close image of chicken alfredo showing slices of chicken.

Alfredo sauce recipe

A good alfredo sauce should be creamy and flavorful. In this chicken alfredo recipe, I have used a combination of whole milk and heavy cream. I have also used unsalted butter and olive oil. Alfredo sauce is a rich sauce, and I have tried to make it a little lighter but maintain a great taste.

If you are looking for a much lighter version of chicken alfredo I have you covered, check out my low-calorie chicken alfredo recipe.

Chicken Alfredo served in a medium size bowl.

Making Chicken Alfredo

The first thing we will do is fry the onion, and the chicken, frying the chicken does two things, maintain a tender texture to the chicken breast and add flavor to the alfredo sauce.

We add the liquids when the chicken is almost done. After adding the cream and the milk let the sauce come to a boil and immediately add the parmesan cheese. After incorporating the cheese with the alfredo sauce, add the pasta and cook for a minute.

Side shot of creamy chicken alfredo showing tender slices of chicken breast.

Preparing the chicken for the chicken alfredo recipe

I have used skinless and boneless chicken breast; you can use chicken thighs if you wish. Cut the chicken in long medium size slices. Pat dry the chicken breast after slicing it. Make sure not to overcook the chicken breast, but never undercook it either. After three to four minutes off cooking the chicken breast take out a slice and cut it in half if it’s all white from the inside, it is done, and it is time to add the sauce ingredients.

Chicken alfredo sprinkled with parsley.

Which pasta to use in making the chicken alfredo recipe

I have used Penne, Fettuccine, even elbow. My family is happy as long as I make chicken alfredo; the type of pasta is not important. But if you want to feel full and enjoy the alfredo sauce better, then go for Penne and Fettuccine.

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Over head shot of creamy chicken alfredo sauce mixed with penne.
Creamy Chicken Alfredo a quick dinner that’s ready in less than 30 minutes! Tender chicken breast cooked in creamy parmesan flavored alfredo sauce. #alfredosauce #chickenalfredo #chickenrecipes

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