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Creamy Spinach Lentils Recipe

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Are you ready for Winter? I am. Creamy Spinach Lentils the perfect dish to keep you warm and satisfied. It’s delicious, has a creamy texture (hence the title.), is budget friendly, and vegan.

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Making creamy spinach lentils is not time-consuming at all, especially if have a pressure cooker. If you have a pressure cooker you are most likely a very happy girl. To make this dish you have to add the spinach (I used frozen.) both lentils, water, and turmeric in a pressure cooker on medium high. Wait for the first whistle and immediately turn off the stove. Don’t open the pressure cooker until the whole steam is released.

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In another pan, all you have to do is fry few spices with onion, then add the spinach and lentils mixture, cook for five minutes, and you are done.

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Now it’s time to enjoy a creamy, warm, and earthy dish, that will bring you comfort and satisfaction, well, at least this is what I experience …

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More on Creamy Spinach Lentils.

Make one day of the week a vegan day, fill your body with amazing nutrient from fruits and vegetables, and treat yourself with a big bowl of creamy spinach lentils.

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Follow this recipe and I promise that you will have a mind-blowing dish!

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  1. My kind of everyday food…so comforting and delicious!