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Curry Flavored Brussels Sprouts

curry flavored brussels sprout 2Today I’m sharing my recipe for Curry flavored Brussels Sprouts. When it comes to Brussels sprout, like any food, some love it and some don’t. Most people avoid eating Brussels sprout because of the bitter taste, to avoid having bitter Brussels sprout, remove the core.

curry flavored crussels sprout 1

Where I live you can hardly find Brussels sprouts on the shelves of a supermarket. I’m not sure why! However, I’m glad that I found some. Now all I have to do is convert these little cute looking goodies to a dish that tastes divine.

curry flavored brussels sprout 3

This is an appetizer a side dish that can be converted to main meal (if you wish) but I will advise not to consume Brussels sprout in big quantities for obvious reason that I can’t mention here.





  1. A delicious and healthy side dish! I like the use of curry here.