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Dawood Basha Meatballs In Tomato Sauce


Let’s travel to the Middle East and Enjoy one of the most famous dishes, known as Dawood Basha. There are many different stories on where exactly this dish is from and why was it named Dawood Basha, but let’s not go there!


Dawood Basha in simple words is spiced meatballs in tomato sauce. This dish is served with rice, but you can have it with bread, I even think pasta will go really well with it.

Back to the recipe for Dawood Basha:



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  1. My husband will for sure love these meatballs. That spicy tomato sauce sounds awesome and will be great for the noodles too.
    All the best with your new Facebook group!

  2. Pinning this delicious looking meatball recipe! I’ve never had Dawood Basha before but I love all of those spices and flavors and really want to try it. Beautiful photos, Muna!