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Deviled Eggs Recipe A Southern Style

Southern Style Deviled Eggs recipe that’s simple but has so much flavor, perfect for gatherings, picnics, and a good-looking side dish on your dinner table! This is the best-deviled eggs recipe I have tried so far but I will show you ways to make this deviled egg recipe a little fancier, keep on reading!

delicious deviled eggs served on a white plate.

This classic deviled egg recipe is a real delight that can vanish in minutes, not many spices used just a little black pepper and a pinch of paprika, and no salt. I didn’t add salt to my deviled eggs. The mustard and mayo together cover for the salt. Sweet relish is a must in a southern deviled eggs recipe.

How to boil and peel the eggs for the Deviled Eggs recipe?

In a pan add the eggs and enough water to cover the eggs, bring the water to a boil and let the eggs cook for 8 minutes. Turn off the heat and leave the eggs in the hot water for another 8 minutes. Discard the hot water and then pour chilled water over the eggs.

I know that some boil the eggs longer other prefer a shorter time, but this is how I do it! 😊

To peel the eggs, I crack the eggs and then peel them under running cold water or fill a pan with cold water and peel the eggs while in the water. Get more starters and appetizers!

Close up image of deviled eggs on plate.

Can I make the deviled eggs ahead of time?

You can boil the eggs ahead of time. You can cut the eggs in half ahead of time but separate the yolks from the whites before refrigerating. The egg whites’ texture changes and turns chewy, therefore it’s better to wrap the egg whites in plastic wrap before placing it in an airtight container. The filling tastes better if made the same day of serving the deviled eggs.

Can I refrigerate the leftover deviled eggs?

You can refrigerate the already made deviled eggs. Store it in an airtight container and you are safe to consume it for up to three days.

Side close shot of single deviled egg

How to make deviled eggs?

Nothing simpler than making this classic southern delight. Boil the eggs, cut them in halves, place all yolks in a bowl, add the remaining ingredients to the yolk, mix and mash with a fork, and then fill the egg white. To make this side dish fancy, you can add bacon, finely chopped avocado, shredded cheese (if you are adding cheese then omit the mustard or the deviled egg will taste too salty.)


I hope I have convinced you of how easy it is to make deviled eggs, and I hope you share with me your feedback whenever you make it in the comment box below or through a message on Facebook. Don’t forget to pin this recipe!

deviled eggs recipe made easy with simple ingredients.

Deviled Eggs Recipe, the same delicious taste of the southern delight, perfect appetizer for your guest and family. #deviledeggs

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  1. They look very yummy! Haven’t had deviled eggs in a while..time to make a batch for myself.