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Easy Achari Gosht Recipe

When I first heard of Achari Gosht, I thought it was pickled meat in a jar! Of course, it wasn’t pickled meat, but the spices Indians use in making Achar (pickle) was used to make this dish. Achari gosht is tender lamb meat cooked with Indian pickle spices in a thick and flavorful gravy.

Overhead photo of achari gosht.

I always praise Indians for having a huge number of recipes, vegetarian and none vegetarian. Indians are creative, and that’s no surprise since their land is gifting them an awesome variety of spices and herbs.

How to make Achari Gosht

First of all, I don’t want you to get scared by the length of the ingredients. All the spices are easily available in the market, and if you are into cooking Indian food, then you probably have them in your kitchen.

Closeup image of achari gosht. Achari gosht photography.

One quick way to making achari gosht is by adding a few tablespoons of your choice of Indian pickle in the gravy. So you start by frying the onion and when it’s light brown add the tomatoes. Add the meat and cook until the meat is no longer pink. Add the salt and four tablespoons of your choice of Indian pickle to the meat and pour enough water to cook the meat. The downside of this method is that if you use Lemon pickle, the dish will turn out bitter, if you chose garlic pickle then the flavor of garlic will take over.

From my experience mango pickle is the best to use for a quick achari gosht but I advise that you stick with the recipe below to get the ultimate flavor.

Seasoned gravy with Indian Pickle spices. Achari gosht.

How to serve Achari Gosht

Achari Gosht is a lamb stew and is best served with plain rice, coconut milk rice, or Indian bread like Buttar Naan.

Can I use Chicken instead?

Of course! You can use chicken, all you have to do is follow the steps mentioned below, the only difference will be is the time, the chicken will take less time to cook; hence you should add less water to this dish.

Indian dish made of lamb and perfectly seasoned gravy. Achari gosht recipe.

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Achari gosht served in a plate with plain rice.

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  1. It looks mouthwatering! I would lick the bowl clean :-))