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Chicken and Rice Casserole Recipe

Chicken and Rice Casserole – I look at this dish as a romantic treat, it looks good, do not require hours in the kitchen, and the cleaning up is no problem. It gives you time to maybe prepare a side dish or even a light dessert.

Chicken and Rice Casserole a quick dinner idea.

If you ever wanted to try a one dish chicken and rice, please go ahead and give this recipe a try. In this recipe, I have used chicken thighs cut into cubes, but you can use chicken breast too and bake at the same time.

There are many chicken recipes out there calling for chicken parts with bones, I like to play safe and cut the chicken into cubes to make sure it is cooked thoroughly.

Over head shot of Chicken and Rice Casserole.Keep This In Mind When Making Chicken and Rice Casserole

There is a tricky part of cooking this dish though, actually, there are two! The type of rice you use and the type of oven you’ll bake the casserole in. Long grain basmati rice is great for making baked chicken and rice.

Other types are full of starch and the result will be mushy rice. If your oven has a fan, you should reduce the time of baking and the temperature too.

Chicken and Rice Casserole served in a white dish on the side.
To make this casserole dish in an oven with a fan, the oven temperature should be 350F/180C throughout the baking time, and the cooking time may reduce by 15 minutes.

Oven with fan cook food faster. Now, this is just an estimate because my oven doesn’t have a fan.

Close up of served Chicken and Rice Casserole for dinner.

How To Bake Chicken and Rice

You need to wash and soak the rice to reduce the amount of the starch rice releases while baking. I have used Basmati rice, I think basmati rice is great for baking.

Easy Chicken and Rice Casserole made easy.
You might feel nervous when making oven baked chicken and rice for the first time, and that’s normal. When I cooked this recipe the first time, I was so scared that my rice will turn mushy or the chicken will have some raw spots.

Close up of main Easy Chicken and Rice Casserole dish, showing golden brown baked chicken.

When following my recipe and when the time of baking is up, take a piece of chicken and check if a knife can go through it smoothly if so it is done. Do not serve immediately, give it 20 minutes to form a good texture.


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  1. Just made this for dinner this evening and tasted fantastic. Love simple recipes like this