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Easy Chicken Samosa Recipe

Impress your family by making this easy chicken samosa! While the dough is resting, you can make the filling and finish preparing chicken samosa in 40 minutes or less. I have made a video showing you exactly how to fill and wrap the samosa so that you can make a delicious and crunchy samosa every time.

Chicken samosa served in a stainless steal bowl.

I won’t be exaggerating if I said that samosa is my number one Indian snack. The samosa dough alone is full of flavor, and no matter what you fill the samosas with the outcome is always an amazing snack. Today, I am sharing another samosa recipe that you will for sure, like.

In my journey to find the perfect flaky and delicious samosa recipe to share with you, I found Punjabi crunchy beef samosa and baked aloo samosa.

Homemade chicken samosa is far much better tasting than the store-bought samosas. In my opinion, some samosas sold in the stores or even served in restaurants, are full of overcooked spices, and the pastry is either tasteless or soggy, which can make anyone refrain from trying this appetizing snack again. Although this chicken samosa recipe is easy to make, it does not mean that the flavor is compromised. I’ve not used fresh ginger or garlic; I did use ginger powder and other spices in powder form since I’m not fond of the crunchy texture of spices in the samosas. When the samosa filling is perfectly seasoned with warm earthy spices and wrapped in a delicious pastry that’s flaky and perfectly fried to a beautiful golden color, it becomes an irresistible and addictive snack.

I have created a video showing you how to make the filling of the chicken samosa and how to wrap the samosas in easy steps. Follow this recipe, and you will enjoy making samosas every time.

Close image of chicken samosa.

Can I make the samosa dough a day ahead?

To save time, you can make the samosa dough and then wrap it in a plastic wrap and refrigerate it until the next day. Make sure that the dough comes to room temperature before rolling it out.

What type of oil should I use for frying the samosas?

You can use any cooking oil to fry the samosa, but make sure it doesn’t have a strong flavor like olive oil and coconut oil.

Over head shot showing crunchy chicken samosa.

Can I use whole wheat flour and get the same result?

The best flour to use for making samosa is the all-purpose flour. If you must add whole wheat flour, then make sure that the amount you use is less than half the amount of all-purpose flour.

All-purpose flour or Maida helps the samosa pastry to get that flaky texture and has more flavor when fried.

Holding chicken samosa to show the filling.

How to convert chicken samosa into a vegan recipe?

It is easy to convert this recipe into a vegan or vegetarian version. Instead of ghee or butter use oil, and instead of chicken, use your favorite vegetables, like potato, carrot, or a mix of vegetables.

Dipping chicken samosa in a sauce.

How to bake chicken samosa?

Although I prefer fried samosa, you can bake it too. Make the filling as per the recipe below and then follow the steps on my baked aloo samosa post for baking the samosas.

Chicken Samosa Video. Please subscribe!

How to serve the samosa?

Ketchup on chicken samosa, ready to be eaten.

You can serve the samosa with ketchup, I feel that the sweetness in the ketchup is a great match with the flavor of samosa, but you can go desi style (local Indian style) and serve the samosa with chutney or tamarind sauce.

Chicken Samosa recipe, easy and delicious with a crispy pastry and perfectly seasoned filling of ground chicken and spices. #samosa #chickensamosa

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  12. Tasheena

    This looks so yummy. I know my family is going to love this recipe.

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