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Easy Coconut Cake Recipe with Icing

Coconut cake is one of the most popular cakes, it’s moist, and a simple icing topped with toasted coconut can enhance its flavor. Today I bring you an easy coconut cake recipe that you can have with tea or coffee, and instead of baking it as a loaf, you can layer and frost it with your favorite frosting.

Close up image of coconut cake with icing.

Moist mini cake loaves

This cake is moist and delicious without the icing or frosting. Using sweetened shredded coconut adds to the moist texture of this cake. I used whole milk instead of coconut milk because I didn’t want the flavor of coconut to be too strong, this cake is meant to be light and is an excellent companion to your coffee.

Three moist loaves of coconut cake.

How to make coconut cake moist

To make this easy coconut cake light and stays moist for long, I have added both oil and melted butter but have increased the amount of oil to prevent it from drying. The unsalted melted butter is added to create richness and flavor.

What type of coconut to use

The best type of coconut to use is the sweetened shredded coconut, avoid the flakes and the unsweetened. Unsweetened shredded coconut will make it dry. Coconut chips will not add the flavor you are looking for, and the texture will be crumbly.

Side image of coconut cake slices.

Can I use coconut milk instead of milk?

You can add coconut milk to the batter instead of whole milk. But do not use soy milk or almond milk. The fat in the whole milk and coconut milk helps the cake stay moist with tender crumbs.

How to store the coconut cake

Since we have used oil in the batter, you can wrap the cake in plastic wrap and refrigerate up to three days. If the refrigerated cake is not frosted or iced, then you can leave it on the kitchen counter covered until it comes to room temperature, or you can warm the cake in the microwave for few seconds to restore its moisture.

Golden loaf of coconut cake.
Coconut loaf cake with icing and toasted coconut.

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Easy coconut cake recipe. These mini loaves are moist and full of coconut flavor. Served with icing and topped with toasted shredded coconuts. #coconutcake #cake #coconutrecipe

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  1. They look sensational with that icing!

  2. Danielle

    If I use an 8 inch square pan, will I need to use 1 pan or 2??