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French Toast Golden and Delicious Breakfast

French toast is what my family regularly ask me to make. To me, having French toast is like having an early morning treat! What you should look for in any French toast recipe is the balance between the spices and the main ingredients, milk, and eggs.

French toast served on a plate with butter.


How To Make French Toast?

Milk, eggs, cinnamon, and vanilla are the basic ingredients in any French toast recipe, from there you can play with the recipe by adding your favorite spice, maybe mix half milk and half heavy cream, or add orange zest to it.

In today’s French toast recipe, you will enjoy the taste of a perfectly cooked French toast with great flavor coming from nutmeg, cinnamon, vanilla, and mind-blowing custard-like texture. I did use store-bought bread, but if you make your bread, please use it instead, nothing beats homemade bread.

french toast drizzled by honey.

In a bowl, you will add all the custard ingredients, eggs, milk, sugar, vanilla, etc. Beat the ingredients well; sometimes the cinnamon powder acts stubborn, so you must beat the mixture a little longer. Dip the bread slice for three seconds in the custard mixture and then fry on medium-low heat until golden.

vanilla added to eggs to make french toast recipe.

Adding nutmeg in a french toast recipe.

cinnamon added to french toast recipe.

sugar added to french toast mixture.

milk is finally added to french toast recipe.

slice of bread in french toast custard mix.

french toast is cooked and ready to be served.

French toast ready to be eaten.

French toast is delicate, and you must give it time to cook evenly and slowly on each side to prevent it from burning from the outside and staying raw inside.

What Bread To Use For French Toast?

My favorite is Brioche; you will go crazy if you use it in making French toast. Brioche is a rich bread made from eggs and butter, so you can imagine the amount of deliciousness you’ll be indulging in!

french toast on white plate with strawberry.

My second favorite is multigrain brown bread. You get a little crunch from the nuts in the bread, and besides, I like how multigrain bread tastes. In all honesty, I have used other types of bread that went well in making French toast recipe but avoid bread that has much salt or has flavors like olives, or onions.

over head shot of french toast with honey and butter.

close up shot f french toast from the side.

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French toast recipe for a golden and delicious french toast that's fried to perfection, and has a mouth watering custard flavor. #frenchtoast


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