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Garlic Chicken Pasta

Garlic Chicken pasta
I like to come up with new recipes and I’m so happy when my creation is a success, but I feel happier when I share it with you guys. However, there are times when I use leftovers to create another humble dish, and today is one of those days. Garlic Chicken Pasta was put together using leftover grilled chicken!

Garlic Chicken pasta 3

Making Garlic Chicken Pasta.

For this recipe, grilled, boiled, or barbecued chicken works the best. You can use any type of pasta you wish but keep the rest of the ingredients the same.

Garlic Chicken Pasta has a mild flavor because I didn’t want to kill the flavor of the grilled chicken by adding more spices.

Garlic Chicken pasta 2

Remember that Garlic Chicken Pasta was made from leftover, so you can be creative and after making this dish, add or omit ingredients to your liking.

Always add the cheese at the end, this way you will get a creamy texture and it will spread better.

Garlic Chicken pasta 4

If you tried my Garlic Chicken Pasta don’t forget to let me know how you liked it in the comment box below.


, and if you happen to make any of my recipes, please post the picture and mention me in your post, or use this hashtag #Arinacooking. I would love to see your creation.

Garlic Chicken pasta 1
As for my recipe, here you go!



  1. What a great use of leftover chicken! The pasta turned out absolutely mouthwatering, Muna.

  2. I love the way you used up your leftovers. It looks wonderful, it actually looks like it could have come from a fancy restaurant!

  3. I would definitely love such dish for dinner!

  4. This is definitely a success!It looks like it’s from a restaurant! I love this pasta!

  5. Can you make this without chicken stock??

    • Arinacooking

      You can use vegetable stock instead, it will bring more flavor to the dish but you can leave it out if you wish.