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Hawaiian Chicken Recipe

Hawaiian Chicken is a little sweet with a hint of sourness. The diced pineapples burst with flavor from the sticky sauce it’s cooked in, it releases sweetness to give you kind of a pleasant surprise that will make you look forward to the second bite.

Hawaiian Chicken close up shot.


It’s best to serve the Hawaiian Chicken with plain white rice; you don’t want any other flavor to take away the sweet and sour craze that’s present in this recipe. This dish will remind you of Teriyaki Chicken because of the sauce and the sweetness.

Hawaiian Chicken A Quick Meal

When the sauce reduces and turns sticky, you will notice that the taste of the sauce and the chicken is more enhanced and adopted a different characteristic. Therefore you must be patient and let the sauce cook and reduces.

You don’t have to travel to Hawaii to enjoy Hawaiian Chicken, you can make your version at home which will taste far much better than the takeaway, and you’ll feel good serving your family a better tasting meal.

Very close side shot of hawaiian chicken

How to Make Hawaiian Chicken?

This recipe is straightforward, and there is no way to mess it up. Heat the pan and fry the chicken, and then fry the onions. Add the chicken again, then the sauce, and finally add the bell pepper and pineapple.

Cook on medium heat until the sauce reduces, and the chicken is completely cooked. That’s all to it, and you’ll be done in a maximum of 30 minutes. A quick and delicious meal!

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Over head shot of a hawaiian chicken served in pineapple boat.

Side shot of Hawaiian Chicken in pineapple boat.

Let’s make it!

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Hawaiian Chicken Recipe. Tender chicken served in pineapple boat with plain white rice. A little sweet and a little sour, this quick meal is perfect for a busy weekend. #hawaiianchicken #chickenrecipe #dinner


  1. We almost made a trip to Hawaii this fall, Muna. In fact, we should/could have been there right now! I’m bummed that it didn’t happen, but at least I can still make delicious Hawaiian-inspired recipes here at home. This chicken sounds so flavorful and tasty!

  2. That looks mouthwatering! Haven’t had this in ages…now I want some too :-))

  3. That looks so amazing and I’m sure that’s so much better than take-away any day! Pinning for later! Love sweet and sour chicken! YUM! xo