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Increase Your Blog Traffic By 43% Fast and Free

Hey guys! I am starting a series on teaching new bloggers how to increase traffic to their blogs. I might move the posts to a new page or just keep posting in between my recipe posts, not sure yet but will let you know soon. For now, please enjoy learning how to Increase your blog traffic for free.

If you are a new blogger of any niche, my guess is you must be frustrated and trying to figure out how to increase your blog traffic and make your content popular. I hear you loud and clear!

When I first started blogging about food, my intention was mainly to share my recipes with people and to make friends with those who are like-minded. With time I started seeing bloggers making money through their blogs, I got excited to know that while home and doing what I love I can actually make some money. I’ve been blogging since 2012, but that eagerness of making money through my blog officially surfaced end of 2014.

And the struggle began!

increase your blog traffic

I never cared about how many page views I got in a month, promoting my blog posts on social media was just for fun, and my blogging consistency was somewhat irregular (I posted when I felt like it.)

Long story short, I found out (after long suffering, struggle, and disappointments.) you have to work hard and smart.

I’d like to say that it is best if you had a good relationship with Google and Keep away from anything that might make it mad. Keeping Google happy will keep you happy for a long time. Google will send you traffic regularly if you behave, and with that I mean don’t do anything that might look like SPAM.

How To Increase Your Blog Traffic.

Images are picked up from your blog posts by search engines faster than your post, you have to work on optimizing the images located on your blog, to attract more traffic through Google. People who search recipes and topic related to Fashion often use Google images, hence you really should want to be there.

Below is what I did to make google somewhat love my images and bring me traffic a little faster:

#1 First of all, if you didn’t please go ahead and submit your blog or website to Google and other popular search engines.

#2Create a Site Map. Make it easy for search engines to crawl your blog or website.

#3 The keyword you used in your post title should be the title of all your images of that post. If your post keyword is “Easy Homemade Granola” Your images should be titled, Easy Homemade Granola 1, Easy Homemade Granola 2, etc.

#4 Use JPG format.

#5 Use the same image title for the alt tag (text alternative to images.) this will boost your SEO and when your image for whatever reason doesn’t render, the alt tag will tell your visitors and google that this place is for an image called so and so. Do not use the keywords on the unrelated image within the post. For example, if you have an image of an empty pan in the granola post do not name it Easy Homemade Granola.

#6 Help your page to load faster by using smaller images. If you are a food blogger and have to use big images to showcase your work, do not crowd your post with images and or use WP Smush this plugin will reduce image size.

#7 Now that you have optimized the images on your post, you need to make sure that you spread these images over the internet. You can do so by uploading your image to sites like Foodgawker, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram, just to name a few. These sites are high authority sites and Google pulls a lot of contents from these sites. Doing this religiously will make your images show up in Google image search faster. This will also tell Google that you are linked with high-quality sites which will eventually make Google look at your blog as an Authority.

#8 Make sure to mention your post URL wherever you submit your image especially Pinterest.

#9 When you submit your image to Pinterest, use the description box to your advantage by typing popular keywords related to your post. Using the earlier example of Homemade Granola Post, in the description box of Pinterest type something like, Homemade Granola recipe. An easy to make granola recipe. Step by step recipe. Leave the cute words and sentences out of that description box because it will not make your pin visible, the correct keywords will. Having said that, do not fill the description box with so many keywords, Pinterest doesn’t like it. Don’t use hashtags on Pinterest (I did that mistake before.)

If you followed the simple steps above, you’ll be able to boost your images in search engines making it easier for your potential audience to find your blog. Go back to your old posts and fix all the images (if it needs to be fixed.)

Since we are talking about images, optimizing images is not enough, you need to take good pictures to make your product or recipe appealing, which will lead to more traffic to your blog.
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