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Lemon Pound Cake Recipe

Lemon Pound Cake is a delicious pound cake with tender crumbs and perfumed with lemon zest. Adding lemon juice and zest to this pound cake makes it a special treat. It served with icing made of lemon juice and confectioner’s sugar, and that not only adds to its flavor but turn it into a gorgeous cake.

Lemon Pound Cake slices on brown parchment paper.

What’s in a Lemon Pound Cake?

  • The authentic pound cake has eggs, butter, sugar, and flour. It called pound cake since all the ingredients weigh a pound but recently and to make this cake lighter in calories, milk, sour cream, and a mixture of butter and oil is introduced.
  • The goal here is to maintain the texture of the crumbs found in a pound cake which is tender and melts in your mouth, but also add different flavors to the recipe and take it to another level. In my Marble pound cake recipe, I have added chocolate and gave the pound cake a marble effect; the cake turned out amazing!
  • In this lemon pound cake recipe, we will be adding fresh lemon juice which may dry the cake. Hence the buttermilk is also added to keep the pound cake moist. You can use sour cream, but the cake will get dense.
  • It is best to taste the lemon before adding its juice to the pound cake. Sometimes the lemon will look fine from the outside but will taste bitter, that bitter taste will take over all other flavors is this lemon pound cake and will eventually ruin the whole experience.  
Whole loaf of lemon pound cake with icing.

How to make Lemon Pound Cake?

Having all ingredients at room temperature will make the process of mixing faster.

In a bowl, beat the butter until light in color, then add the sugar and beat for 5 minutes. This step is called creaming, and it is important when making a pound cake or butter-based cake, it helps the sugar dissolves completely.

Add the eggs one at a time to the previous mixture. Adding the eggs one at a time and beating for two minutes after each egg, makes the batter lighter and create tender crumbs. It also helps in reducing the smell of eggs.

Lemon pound cake served on white plate.

In this last step you have to add half the flour mixture and beat until combined at medium speed, and then pour half of the buttermilk and beat for few seconds and then repeat this step. You will have a thick batter.

Preheat the oven and line the 9”x5” baking pan with parchment paper. Pour the thick batter and bake until a toothpick inserted in the middle of the cake comes out clean. Please read the notes in the recipe card to prevent baking a dry or flat lemon pound cake.

How to store Lemon pound cake?

If you want to make the lemon pound cake ahead of time, then pour the icing only when it’s time to serve it. The pound cake should be wrapped in a plastic wrap and placed in an airtight container at room temperature. Placing the lemon pound cake in the fridge will make it dry and tasteless.

Do not cut the cake in slices and then store it, doing so will make the pound cake dry. When you store the pound cake properly, it can taste even better the next day, but since this is a butter-based cake you should consume it within three days before it loses the soft crumb texture.

Close up image of lemon pound cake showing tender crumbs.

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Slices of Lemon Pound Cake with lemon icing.
Lemon Pound Cake Recipe. Learn how to make a delicious pound cake perfumed with lemon zest and lemon icing. #poundcake #lemonpoundcake #cake

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  1. Hi there! Your cake recipe looks so gorgeous! We love the lemony and zesty flavours in sweet and was concentrating taking notes of your recipe when I realized that it misses the quantity of lemon juice and lemon zest to use in it.
    Could you please specify them! I’m craving to do your cake.
    Thanks for the recipe.

    • Arinacooking

      Hi Yolanda, Thanks so much for the heads up, this happens at times when importing the recipe to the recipe card! I’m glad that you read the whole recipe before making the cake 😉 .. I have updated the recipe and I hope you enjoy this cake as much as we did!

      • Hi Muna!
        As promised, I made the cake, and I must say that it is … gorgeous! I just increased the quantity of lemon in both the cake dough and in the icing. I was certain to do it because my family loves that lemony flavour, and actually, they loved it.
        Thanks a million for the recipe!

        • Arinacooking

          Thanks so much for your feedback, I’m happy that you and your family enjoyed it 🙂

  2. Wow this looks just so tempting! Trying this lemon cake at the soonest. Thanks Muna!

  3. Wow this looks delicious! Can’t wait to try it.

    Thanks for the tip!
    Have a great day.