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Lentil Potato Creamy Soup

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On my blog, there are few posts on salads and soups and many for desserts, that should tell you something. I guess it’s time I change that. I am taking baby steps and that’s why I’m sharing a Lentil Potato Creamy Soup recipe with you today.

lentil potato creamy soup 3

Making Lentil Potato Creamy Soup.

I make different types of soups in Ramadan, it’s the month when all Muslims fast. Breaking the fast with soup helps the stomach to regain its size since fasting for a long time makes it shrink.

lentil potato creamy soup 1

This lentil potato creamy soup has a special place because it’s creamy, can fill you up nicely, and it tastes really good. If you are trying to lose weight, this soup is ideal for you. The craving for food will be gone for a long time when you have this soup.

The other reason why I like to make this soup is time. Preparing and cooking this soup hardly takes time, but the outcome is an explosion of flavor. In this recipe, I used chicken stock, but you can use beef or even vegetable stock.

You can make this lentil potato creamy soup richer by adding sour cream before serving. Do not add sour cream or cream and boil the soup again, it will not taste that good and the texture won’t be as creamy.

lentil potato creamy soup 4

, and if you happen to make any of my recipes, please post the picture and mention me in your post, or use this hashtag #Arinacooking. I would love to see your creation.

As for my recipe, here you go!



  1. So very creamy and smooth…I love it. I have soup every day, but usually without potatoes…I am sure it will work beautifully with sweet potatoes too.

    • Arinacooking

      Adding potatoes make this soup rich and flavorful, try it someday and let me know how you liked it 🙂

  2. It’s so smooth and creamy! The color is good and I’m sure it taste great!