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Luqaimat Recipe with Custard

ThisLuqaimat recipe is for a popular dessert served in the Holy month of Ramadan. Luqaimat is sweet dumplings and has a little similarity to donuts, except it is crunchy from the outside. The sweet dumplings are mostly served with date syrup, but you can experiment with your favorite syrup.

Luqaimat served in a bowl.

How to make Luqaimat recipe with custard

The original sweet, crunchy dumplings do not include custard in its recipe, but with time people added different flavors and ingredients to this dessert. In this recipe, I have used custard powder to add more flavor and body to the Luqaimat.

Making the Luqaimat is super easy; all you have to do is to mix all the ingredients together and whisk until there are no lumps in the batter.

Cover the batter and keep it aside for at least one hour and a half. This step is crucial, and it helps the Luqaimat to puff while frying and fry evenly.

Closeup image of luqaimat with date syrup.

Can I make Luqaimat in advance?

Unfortunately, this Luqaimat recipe cannot be prepared ahead of time; in fact, you should consume it the same day you make it. Like donuts and other fried pastries, these sweet dumplings will not hold the same texture nor tastes for long hours. That is why in the month of Ramadan it is fried an hour or two before breaking the fast.

Overhead shot of luqaimat served in glass bowl.

What flavor of custard powder to use

For this Luqaimat recipe, use vanilla flavored custard powder. Later if you wish to experiment, I will suggest the butterscotch flavor. However, I have used vanilla because I’m using another flavoring like saffron and cardamom and the vanilla custard flavor is not strong enough to kill the other flavors in Luqaimat.

Close up of luqimat cut in half.

How to serve Luqaimat

Usually, it served with Arabic coffee (Qahwah), and if you are in invited over lunch and dinner by an Arab family, it will be served with another Arabic dessert.

These sweet dumplings are addictive, and one will never be enough, so careful and keep track of how many you are consuming 😊

Luqaimat with date syrup.

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Luqaimat is an arabic dessert similar to donuts, but crunchy from the outside. in this recipe I have flavored it with saffron and cardamom. #luqaimat #لقيمات

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