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Mac and Cheese with Onion and Bell Pepper

mac and cheese arla 4I never met anyone who doesn’t love macaroni and cheese, and believe me I’ve tasted different versions of it, that I’ve decided to come up with my own.

The problem was what to call it. I guess Baked Mac and Cheese with Onion and Bell pepper sounds convenient!

mac and cheese arla 7

In this mac and cheese dish, I rebelled and took out cheddar cheese and instead added two delicious and creamy delights, Arla Edam and Arla Havarti cheese.

mac and cheese arla 2

I have to admit that I was munching on the cheese while preparing this dish. The Havarti Jalapeno and caraway are my favorite snacks now, a slice after a slice after a slice, Yum!

mac and cheese arla 1

This mac and cheese is best served warm, so you can enjoy the aroma of the vegetables used and the creamy texture of the cheese.

mac and cheese arla 6 My husband and I killed this mac and cheese in no time, and I hope that you will enjoy it as much as we did.

Let’s get cooking!


  1. I love the addition of red bell pepper, which gives this classic pasta such a bright colour.

  2. Nice! I have not seen version with bell pepper before 🙂