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Mallur Chicken


I get no credit for this recipe of Mallur Chicken. It was given to me by Chef Damodaran. He is an Indian Chef who also happened to be in Guinness World Records.


What’s great about this recipe is that it hardly takes time, say 30 minutes. Although the recipe calls for 2 spices, but when eaten you literally feel that it’s full of different spices. I don’t know how that is possible. I guess to believe me you have to try cooking this delicious Indian delight.

Making Mallur Chicken.

When I gave the recipe to my sister who went gaga after this dish, she thought that I held back or forgot to write some ingredients. It’s amazing how few ingredients bring out so much flavor. This dish is best served with Indian Bread.



  1. Oh wow. It looks like a wonderful chicken dish, very flavorful. Seriously, there were no other spices? 🙂

  2. Hi Muna,

    This chicken dish looks very easy to cook and nice to know it is very delicious… Perfect with a bowl od steamed rice 😀


  3. It looks like something I would totally enjoy too.
    Have a wonderful week, Muna.

  4. It sounds and looks fantastic…