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Mushroom and Rice Easy One Pot Recipe

Don’t look at this Mushroom and Rice recipe as a side dish, it’s so delicious you’d eat a lot and will want more. One pot recipe, easy to make and the cleanup is a breeze! I have some great tips to make this delight extra special so keep on reading.

Mushroom and rice served in a cast iron skillet.

To Make Mushroom and Rice Super Yummy and Easy:

  • If you want the onion to be caramelized quickly, sprinkle a pinch of salt over the sliced onion and mix well. After a minute, pat dry the sliced onion using a paper towel, this will take out most of the moisture in the onion and it will caramelize quickly.
  • Add the onion to the oil only when the oil is hot, otherwise, the onion will turn soggy and will take a longer time to caramelize.
  • Cook the onion on high heat and stir continually to avoid it from getting burnt.
  • Use a damp kitchen towel or paper towel to clean the mushrooms. Washing the mushrooms with water will not allow it to caramelize properly and will not have a meaty texture.
  • Soak the rice in warm water for 20 minutes, this step reduces the cooking time and the rice won’t stick together.

Close up of Mushroom and rice freshly made and served.

Mushroom and rice is a perfect side dish, and you can serve it with your favorite juicy steak, or baked chicken breast. In my house, we enjoy it with some salad on the side. This dish is not only filling but have great flavor. The mushroom is cooked perfectly and have a meaty texture, you’ll never miss the meat.

Scooping Mushroom and rice by a wooden spoon to serve on plates.

I have used button mushrooms, but you can use any type available to you. I have made another vegetarian dish that you might find interesting, it is called Mujadara, it is another vegetarian dish that I love so much and enjoy at least one time a week.

close shot of Mushroom and rice showing fluffy rice and perfectly cooked mushrooms.

If you have mushrooms and wondering what to make for dinner, look no further, run to the kitchen and make this outstanding mushroom and rice.

Cast iron full of delicious Mushroom and rice ready to be eaten.

Let’s make Mushroom and Rice!

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Mushroom and rice. Made in one pot. Easy and delicious loaded with a flavor, you can have it as a side dish or make it your main meal with a salad on the side, you’ll be surprised who tasty this dish is. letscookingmam.com | @Arinacooking