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Onion Pakora Crispy Fried Onion

Onion Pakora – Pyaaz ki pakoray (that was in Hindi). It is an Indian snack, crispy from the outside, fluffy and light from the inside. Usually, it’s paired with a cup of karak chai (strong Indian tea). The combination of chai and pakora is on point.

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Pakora is a batter made of gram flour, mixture of spices, and some add chopped cilantro leaves and green chili to it. There are many versions of Pakoras out there, but in my humble opinion and from being in India for a long time, Onion Pakora seems to be the most favorited.

onion pakora 2

Making Onion Pakora is Easy.

Pakora is a street food, you can easily find it wherever you go in India but I never saw it on a restaurant menu. Every Indian house has a unique recipe for pakora. Indian food recipes are always adjusted, therefore, not only pakora but every Indian dish will taste a little different depending which part of India you are in, it even differs from house to house.

My first attempt at making pakora was disasters, so was the second and the third attempt, I almost gave up on making pakoras and almost added it to the list of food I can’t get right and have to always buy or ask others to make. Yes, there are dishes that I can’t get right no matter what.

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I wrote this recipe in a way to make you get perfect and delicious Onion Pakoras from the first try. Usually, rice flour is used and it helps in keeping the pakora crispy, but I’ve tried cornmeal and it worked like a charm, in fact, it added more flavor to the onion pakora. Do let me know how you liked it whenever you make it.

Two Ways Of Making Karak Chai (Indian Strong Tea), Enjoyed with Onion Pakora.

Indian karak chai 1
Indian Karak Chai
Indian Strong Tea
Indian Strong Tea

Let’s Make Some Crispy Onion Pakora!

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