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Palets Bretons French Thick Butter Cookies

Palets Bretons 1
I’m glad you can’t see me pronounce the name of this butter cookie, Palets Bretons. I don’t speak French and let alone how this dessert sounds from my mouth, I know I look funny when I pronounce it.

Palets Bretons 2

These are thick and heavenly butter cookies from France. Some bake it until crisp and crumbly some bake it until fluffy and cakey. I like both versions. However, in the softer version, you can add ice cream and travel to comfort land.

Making Palets Bretons.

Since these are butter cookies, you must use good quality butter and ingredients at room temperature. Palets Bretons are delicate cookies and taste even better the next day.

Palets Bretons 3

I’m so glad to share this recipe with you, Palets Bretons store well, easy to make, tastes delicious, and its shelve life is pretty long.

Having it with black coffee, tea, or even plain, will for sure satisfy you. The ingredients are in every kitchen, so why not make some today!

Palets Bretons 4

Here is how you can make Palets Bretons.

This recipe is adapted from Eugenie Kitchen




  1. These cookies look absolutely delicious and I can imagine the flavour. Yes you are right.. All the ingredients are pantry staples..
    Have to dive in.
    Thanks and pictures are great too.

  2. I too love both versions…you know, how can they be not delicious when butter and sugar are involved :-))

  3. These cookies are the epitome of perfection. They look like they will literally melt in your mouth.