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Pasta Salad Recipe with Creamy Dressing

Pasta Salad Recipe is not only a wonderful salad to try, but it plays a great role in encouraging my family into eating healthy. This best served cold and delicious macaroni salad is a crowd pleaser, and please never skip the dressing!

Side shot of pasta salad.

Make a big bowl of this pasta salad recipe and share it with your co-workers, don’t worry it has no onions. Hence it won’t be loud.

This macaroni salad has different vegetables with different textures for a very good reason. Having a variety of textures in your salad, a crunchy cucumber, a chewy pasta, and juicy tomatoes, helps your brain to register that you are having a meal, which will lead to you feeling full.

Dressing of pasta salad recipe served in a bow

How to Make Pasta Salad.

You don’t have to stick to the vegetables mentioned in this pasta salad recipe, in fact, you can choose the vegetables you like but make sure not to play much with the dressing’s ingredients.

The dressing is what makes this pasta salad recipe a win and a great side dish. Don’t go crazy with the mayo! I know that more mayo to some means a creamier salad, but not in this case. Like always I would like you to follow this recipe as is and then change it to your liking.

chopped vegetables used in macaroni salad.

Vegetables and dressing in bowl to make macaroni salad

Pasta salad is mixed and ready to be served.

This macaroni salad recipe goes well with grilled meat, be it fish, chicken, or a thick juicy steak. This side dish can replace a meal too, it’s healthy, delicious, and can keep you full and satisfied for a long time.

Keep the Pasta Salad Tasting Good Longer.

To prevent the pasta salad from getting soggy, I have removed the seeds from the cucumber and tomatoes. I found that no matter what salad you make when you deseed the vegetables the dressing keeps its flavor for a longer time.

Pasta salad is served in a white plate ready to be eaten.

You might want to try this salad with my Fall Off The Bones Ribs, or with Mexican Chicken and Rice.

I like to serve my pasta salad cold, how do you like to serve yours?

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Pasta salad recipe also includes the recipe for a creamy dressing. Perfect for Summer and great when served as a side dish with grilled steak.


  1. A simple yet wonderful everyday meal! Love dishes loaded with veggies. Happy Sunday, Muna!

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